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About The Physio Revolution

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Whether you've come looking for specialized physical therapy advice, you'd rather avoid pain medications and surgery, or you already know specialized physical therapy is right for you, you're about to enjoy a TRANSFORMATION in your health that's been proven to hundreds of others in their ability to keep ACTIVE and see FASTER results than they ever thought possible.

Honesty. Transparency. No surprises. This is the way we operate at The Physio Revolution.

Brooke Olsen, PT

About Brooke Olsen

Leading Denver Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Health Promotion Specialist

After observing many of her patients not making significant improvements under the traditional medical care system, Brooke decided to open a clinic where she could revolutionize physical therapy and health & wellness treatment pathways. Brooke has gained trust as a leading Physical Therapist in the Denver community and The Physio Revolution Team as one of the best Health & Wellness Clinics in the Denver area with renowned specialized providers.

She opened The Physio Revolution to help her clients prevent going down the slippery slope of multiple doctor visits, hospitalizations, more pain medications, injections, and surgery.

The Physio Revolution has helped people aged 40+ achieve more active and healthy lives, cultivate healthy habits that improve mobility and reduce pain levels. Using a combination of mind, body, and fuel, The Physio Revolution has created a holistic and innovative approach to physical therapy and personalized fitness & health promotion to provide a one-stop clinic to help keep you stay active and independent.

What People are Saying About The Physio Revolution


Back Pain & Bruised Rib

Brooke evaluated me for severe back pain after a trail running accident. She was incredibly knowledgable and carefully assessed my pain levels. I experienced little to no pain during physical manipulation of the muscles that were damaged in my fall. She was able to sort out the cause of my issues fairly quickly, and after targeted massage and manipulation, my pain level went from a 6/10 to a 1/10. I will definitely be returning for a few more sessions and in the future if injured again!


Health & Wellness

I recently had a procedure done to help open one of the blockages in my heart. The surgeon said I could have died if I wouldn't have known the signs ahead of time. Now, I know this scare has led me to needing to make changes. The Physio Revolution Team has helped me by building a plan with my diet and how I exercise to reduce my risk of heart disease worsening. The Fix has helped me tremendously by showing me my lab values and all the testing they do to make sure I am improving each and every day. I'm thankful to get back to hiking, playing golf, and being able to lessen the worry on my wife about my future.


Neck & Shoulder

My thanks to The Physio Revolution for helping me to be pain free - I had neck issues for the last 6 months & nothing seemed to help but after a few sessions & learning the exercises I am pain free & able to do the things I love!

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