Are You Looking for a Specialized Physical Therapy Clinic in Denver to Put an End to Back Pain and Stiffness?

– While Avoiding Risky Surgeries & Pain Medications –

Don’t waste anymore time hoping your back pain will go away tomorrow.

If you or your loved one are currently suffering from back pain, you might be telling yourself that it’s nothing and it will just go away on it’s own. You may have had a “back spasm from sleeping wrong” or just put it off as not “lifting with your knees” while bending over.

You and your friends or family might pass it off as being part of your “age”, genetics because your parents had “bad” backs, or you might have been told “it’s just part of getting older… we all have to deal with it.”

Typically then, pain and stiffness continue, pain medications double or triple to get through the day, and activities that used to be easy and enjoyable become tougher.

This then becomes a cycle of you waiting, trying alternatives that aren’t changing the results, and half a year later or more – you’re in the same position, if not possibly worse.

If this is happening to you, I want you to know – You are not alone. We see this type of scenario all the time. In fact, back pain is the most common thing we see in our Denver clinic.

Majority of people, like yourself or your loved one, suffer far longer than is needed. The waiting game is one of the main reasons back pain is lasting longer than it ever should.

“Why am I Still Suffering From Back Pain… Even When It Happened Months (if not years) Ago?”

Alternatively, most people are prescribed a pain medication for back pain, told to “rest”, possibly given some generic exercises on a pre-printed sheet of paper, and told come back if it’s not better in 4 or 6 weeks… typically for an injection or surgery opinion.

The thing is, those pain killers are terrible for anyone’s stomach and highly addictive. Yes, they help with being able to move a little easier initially, but in the long scheme of things, how much do they address the real reason back pain came on in the first place?

These pills are just “band-aides” to mask the pain, wouldn’t you agree?

Majority or back pain cases we see come from the activities we do to it every day. Sure, rare instances happen, but majority of back pain comes from every day activities that have just played a toll on your spine or an injury that was never taken care of from the get-go.

Surgery, injections, and pain medications are not always necessary to help you find relief. You need a REAL solution instead of a “band-aide”.

Does This Sound Like You?

This unfortunate scenario we see all the time has led me to grow increasingly frustrated with how many people suffer needlessly. So, I’ve written and published an 11 page report that lays out the 7 things most people can do on their own to relieve back aches and pains, naturally… and I want you to have it at no charge.

Now, I don’t know if these 7 things will relieve you of your back pain completely. And, I can’t promise that what has worked for most of my patients and clients over the last 5+ years will also work for you.

However, reading this report has to be better than spending another day “resting”, accepting it, masking it with medication or just thinking “it’s my age”.

This is a free option without any obligation or risks attached.

Our motivation behind this book is simple: To inspire you to take action.


  • We understand you may have been let down previously and you want to make the best decision for yourself.
  • You’d like to see if you can resolve it on your own yet.
  • You may have been told to “rest” by friends, family or other providers and it just isn’t getting any better.
  • Someone told you that back pain is just about your age or genetics… so, you are learning to “accept it” instead of do something about it.
  • You tried a couple massages or acupuncture treatments, but it only took the pain away temporarily and required you to continue to go over and over.
  • It’s hard to find a good provider these days and know exactly who to trust to help your specific pain. The run-around gets old.

Side Note: the fact that you have tried any of these things is actually a good thing! Why? Because at least you now know what does and does not work for your back pain.

Want help to get there faster?

What Can I Do Right Now To Help Ease My Back Pain?

  • Start by Making a Decision – The waiting game is what causes most people to fall into the longer lasting back pain category. You need to decide initially, if you are ready to get help to ease your back pain concerns.
  • Stop Waiting and Resting – The 2 most common problems that contribute to suffering with back pain longer than you should. Pain medications will help short-term, but they never address the root cause on how to end back pain. Take Action.
  • Get the Right Solutions to Fix the Root Cause – We help people get back to what they love to do 2-3x quicker than the therapy visit average in the industry.
  • Get hands-on treatment from a Physiotherapist that you trust and know – Physio or Physical Therapy is proven to provide back pain relief. If you are suffering longer than necessary, threatened by the lose of independence, fear losing the ability to do what you love to do in life with your family or friends, or afraid of long-term medications, injections, and surgery options, then Physio can help you.

Interested in getting more help but not sure if this is the right fit for you?

No pressure. Just answers.


Hear From Our Clients Who Are Now More Active and Happy Living with Less Back Pain


Back Pain & Bruised Rib

Brooke evaluated me for severe back pain after a trail running accident. She was incredibly knowledgable and carefully assessed my pain levels. I experienced little to no pain during physical manipulation of the muscles that were damaged in my fall. She was able to sort out the cause of my issues fairly quickly, and after targeted massage and manipulation, my pain level went from a 6/10 to a 1/10. I will definitely be returning for a few more sessions and in the future if injured again!


Back & Neck Pain

Brooke helped me quickly and confidently recover from two separate injuries. One was back and neck pain caused from severe whiplash after being in a serious car accident. After just one session, Brooke not only relieved my pain but more importantly she was able to provide me with exercises and next steps I would need to completely recover and heal from my injuries. After following her straightforward outline, I was able to heal completely and return to full strength.


Back Pain

After falling off a roof, I started having severe lower back pain. I went to a physical therapist in Miami for about 8 weeks with no improvement. In fact, the pain seemed to get worse. I was prescribed pain medication but I didn’t want to rely on that. After my first session with The Physio Revolution, I was amazed at the relief I felt. I am so grateful for time you spent with me teaching me the McKenzie Method and how to fix my back. I am now pain free & know what to do if it happens again.
Thank you for helping me get back to enjoying life.