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Attention PT's!

Are you looking for a place that allows you:

  • - To make a bigger impact on your client's lives?
  • - Have the autonomy and independence to help your patients the way they deserve to be helped?
  • - And at the same time, be encouraged by your supervisors to have a work-life balance (take a full hour lunch, workout in the gym at lunch, be in a fitness space, don't take notes/work home with you, etc)?

Do you feel you're not utilizing the skills you learned to the best of your ability?

And do you want to be a part of a highly productive and energetic team who pushes you to be your best, but also are like family?


Then keep reading...

We know that most insurance-based PT clinics are churning and burning patients all day long. And this requires PT's to take home their documentation, have little to no time to workout, have no spare time, and make little money compared to what they spent on their education...

Not only that, but one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is how patients are treated: quickly prescribed addicting pain pills, told to get injections instead of work on their body, and given options of quick fixes like surgery.

What a PT is actually given an environment to do what they do best >> we can help them AVOID all these options and get them back to feeling 100% again. Basically, we can drive conservative care to be the frontline defense, not the backend clean up!

But the problem is most PT's can't do this because the insurance model doesn't give them enough time, autonomy, and general impact on the client's lives strictly due to the restraints they put on us. Plus, seeing 20+ patients a day is a rat race to burnout.

Our outpatient clinic is much different. This is exactly why we exist. To give PT's autonomy and a greenhouse to grow - And not only that, but also to impact our patient's lives the way they deserve: Given 1-on-1 time, see the same clinician, build rapport and relationships directly with their PT, give a POC that gets them amazing results, and so much more...

In less than 4.5 years, we've scaled our Cash PT Clinic to 2 full-time PT schedules >> going from 0 patients in our doors to literally impacting 100's of people now, all while maintaining incredible results for them (check out our client reviews page for endless testimonials - www.thephysiorevolution.com/reviews/)!

Our Mission

It's simple, we help people make better decisions about their health by providing a world-class experience and brightening their day. 

AND - Annie & my own personal mission for the PT profession as owners of TPR is this:

We help new grad or recent graduate outpatient PT’s go from inexperienced to world-class clinicians in 3 years or less, plus make 6 figures without needing to build your own cash pay clinic or get a job in a field you don’t want such as in-patient rehab, SNF’s, or home health PT…

Due to the rate at which we are growing & looking to scale to new clinics across the Denver Metro area + nationally in the next 1-2 years, we're looking to take on multiple PT's who want an opportunity of a lifetime.  Our PT's get more autonomy, their pay is directly reflected to the value they bring, more flexibility, feel fulfilled helping people the way they deserve, and have a wonderful career path towards making 6 figures +.

This is where you come in…

About The Role

TPR is currently seeking a full-time skilled, self-motivated, and passionate DPT to join our team (New grads or recent grads highly desired)

The main objective is to work with our growing list of patients and help them make better decisions all while retaining them to fulfill their POC.

We’re looking for a dynamic team-player to work closely with our amazing PT team to fulfill the demand that is growing.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Utilizing your top-notch PT skills to help our clients get back to doing what they love again.
  • One-on-one care; seeing 7-8 clients per day at most (ranging from 30-90min sessions).
  • Fulfill on our mission of helping people make better decisions about their health and providing a world-class experience.
  • Results, results, results! Get clients outcomes they deserve and desire.
  • Training, mentoring, and coaching provided in these areas: Clinical/evaluation skills, communication skills, ability to retain clients, ability to get incredible outcomes and ability to handle objections.
  • Attend and participate in daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly team meetings.
  • Drive referrals from clients because of your wonderful care provided.


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Or currently looking to obtain your license in the next 3-6 months.

The Pay

  • $65,000 - $90,000 a year (upper 5 figures to 6 figures within 3 years)
  • Full-time, salary


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off (+ accrual growth)
  • Salary growth to upper 5 figures or 6 figures+ in 3 years or less
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Team outings and experiences - 2-3x/quarter
  • Access to $10,000's+ worth of training material
  • Career growth opportunities to be lead at your own clinic
  • Monday to Friday - no weekends
  • Paid CEU's

About The Company

About the Culture

Here are our company core values:

  • Person First, Patient Second
  • Deliver “WOW” Through Service
  • Be Kind, Energetic & Empathetic
  • "Walk The Talk"
  • Be Humble
  • Build a Positive Team Spirit
  • Do More With Less
  • Build Open & Honest Relationships With Communication
  • Embrace & Drive Change
  • Be Creative & Open Minded
  • Constant Pursuit of Growth & Learning
  • Create Fun, Positivity & Laughter

We’re confident if you called and asked any of our team members right now what it’s like to work at TPR, they would all be raving fans. We take a lot of pride in building and maintaining an incredible culture where “A players” are attracted and retained.

We have daily, weekly, and monthly meetings and stay connected often throughout the day, which increases the connection and productivity with our team.

2-3 times a quarter, we celebrate our wins together doing a happy hour, enjoying an outing to a fun event, or just hang out and grill or have dinner together!

Our team is full of energy and growth focused. We maintain a high level of accountability and ownership for each person on our team.

At any one time, our company is continually investing into new trainings, events, courses, and seminars to stay on the leading edge of our industry, while giving our team the ability and resources to continue to grow in nearly any avenue they wish.

Growth opportunities are huge due to the rate at which we are growing. The more value you can bring, the more responsibility, trust, and advancement opportunity you will be given. 

Overall, the culture of the company is very growth oriented, challenging, high energy, and a lot of fun. You will be surrounded by other people who are pushing themselves to be the best person they can be, both in and out of work. You will see every area of your life improve, guaranteed.

Process to Apply

  1. 1
    Fill out the form below.
  2. 2
    Reply to the email sent attaching a cover letter telling us more about you and why you’d be a good fit for this position.
  3. 3
    Screening Interview - set up a time for a phone interview with someone on our team so we can learn a bit more about you.
  4. 4
    Skills & In-person Interviews
  5. 5
    If Job Offered & Accepted -> 3 Month Onboarding Period - a coaching and mentoring plus ramp up period for you to get your feet wet in our systems and processes & train up your skills.

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