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We Are Hiring!

Physical Therapy Position!

Want To Land Your Dream Job In Outpatient Therapy With A Fun & Exciting Team? 

We are looking for a full time physical therapist to join us at The Physio Revolution, our fast growing clinic in the heart of Denver, CO (40 hours).

  • Do you love to learn, & are you committed to being part of a TEAM that puts the client first, not professional ego?
  • Are you flexible & able to adapt to change? 
  • Do you view the opportunity to learn as a privilege & not something you should be paid to do?
  • Are you seeking a place where you have time with your clients & the most you would see in a day is 7-8 visits?
  • Do you have a positive personality that makes patients look for any excuse to come back and see you?
  • Are you comfortable with picking up the phone to speak to past patients?
  • Are you looking for a place to work where your treatment sessions are not dictated by insurance companies?
  • Are you eager to work in a place with weekly in-house training?
  • Are you able to communicate with patients in such a way that they know how you can & are helping them? (manage clients expectations) 
  • Are you able to connect and engage with people on a personal level (not just a clinical skill level)?
  • Do you have time for people over and above their allocated clinical sessions which you are being paid to give?
  • Are you eager to work in a place that is more then a 9-5 job, but a place where you can grow personally, professionally & be a part of something much bigger?
  • Are you eager to work in a small business where you can be a part of it's growth & success by helping active adults in the Denver community?

If this is sounding like you & what you are looking for read on...

We are a physical therapy and wellness clinic located in the heart of Denver, Colorado that is experiencing rapid growth. We’ve grown from 0 visits a week to a booked schedule week on week with clients coming through the doors. We are completely OON with all insurance companies allowing us to provide a world class experience for our clients and a whole lot less paperwork/treatment constraints for for us as clinicians.  

Our mission is to help active adults make better decisions about their health that help them stay active, independent, & mobile in order to do the things they love (a whole lot more of that Colorado Lifestyle) without nasty pain pills, painful injections or pointless surgeries.  

Ask anyone of our clients and you’ll soon discover we have created an incredible environment and experience for you to serve our clients to the best of your abilities.  

We believe so strongly in education and provide a ton of in-house training, teaching and coaching. You will work directly with both co-owners of the business and have the opportunity to help grow this business even further by serving our clients. You have the potential to have a job that is more then just a job, but a place where you can really grow personally, professionally while truly improving peoples lives.

Demand for this role has been high and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibilities listed below:  

We know true “A players” love to be held accountable for high standards of performance, which means you will be given your own key objectives and outcomes to meet (with support & training from us). When these are consistently met, you’ll experience benefits and privileges.

To Achieve the Level of Success we are Looking for, You Will be Required to:


The mission of the company is to “help people make better decisions about their health”, and one of the things that we offer our prospective clients to help to do that is a free DISCOVERY visit. You will be required to achieve a minimum 85% conversion ratio of prospect to paying client within the first 6 months.


You will be responsible for providing an incredible client experience & get clients the outcome they deserve - Our successful therapist currently has a patient visit average of 12, an Eval to plan of care percentage of 85% and plan of care completed percentage of 85%. To be successful in this role we expect that your clinical/evaluation skills, communication skills, ability to retain clients, ability to get incredible outcomes and ability to handle money objections will allow you to achieve these targets. Training and coaching will be provided on this.


Be responsible for limiting “drop-off’s” - Clients who book appointments and then drop off schedule are not good for either parties involved. Because of that, you will be required to be proactive in making regular re-activation phone calls to the clients who have dropped off your schedule.


Be flexible in your working hours - In the 21st Century, clients expect to be seen before, during, after work and on weekends. We know that back pain doesn’t go away for our patients after 5pm. Because of that, and to be successful in this role, you will be required to make yourself available from 7am until 7pm Mon-Fri and Saturday mornings from 8am – 12pm. Your 40 hours per week contracted hours will be scheduled during these hours (start and end times between these hours are negotiable!) and the salary ($60,000-$80,000) agreed upon will compensate you for making yourself available during these hours of standard business operation.


Contribute and attend 3 hours per week in clinic Continuing Education – including giving a once per month powerpoint presentation to the rest of the team - and attend a minimum of 20 hours per year SELF FUNDED Con Ed.


Drive referrals – within 4 months we expect that at least 3 WOM referrals are specifically reaching out to see us because of the level of care you provided- and within 12 months we expect that at least 4 clients per month are RETURNING and asking for our team’s help because of what you did.

Furthermore, We are looking for a candidate licensed to practice Physical Therapy in the State of Colorado with a Doctorate Degree in PT (preferably with manual & orthopedic outpatient experience although not required- we encourage new grads to apply) and is able to adhere to the following core values:

  • Deliver “WOW” through service
  • Embrace & Drive Change
  • Create Fun, Positivity & Laughter
  • Be Creative & Open Minded
  • Constant Pursuit of Growth & Learning
  • Person First, Patient Second
  • Be Open & Willing to Grow With Coaching & Training to Improve Your Skill Set
  • Build Open & Honest Relationships With Communication
  • Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit
  • Do More With Less
  • "Walk the Talk"
  • Be Humble
  • Be Kind, Energetic & Empathetic 

The successful candidate will work for the owners of the business to ensure that these core values are present in the day to day running of the business – and ultimately, responsible for the successful growth of the business...

All hiring (and firing) at The Physio Revolution is made with these Core Values firmly in mind and we look forward to discussing them more with you at the interview - when we can also discuss other benefits and incentives of you choosing to join our team!

It is said that some of the happiest & most fulfilled people in the world, possess 2 things an insatiable appetite for growth and learning & an ability to serve others to the utmost of their abilities. We believe that whole heartedly and is why we put such a strong emphasis on serving our clients to the best of our abilities while constantly pursuing more growth and learning.

We will support you in this role and can provide an incredible career opportunity- one where you will have the potential for growth in the company and where pay rises and privileges will be linked to performance.

If you are a friendly & fun person who likes what you have just read & looking for a learning environment where you can grow yourself professionally & personally…then YOU should apply! We look forward to talking to you soon!

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