How Ann Regained Confidence in Her Body To Hold Up After Years Of Miserable Back & Knee Pain - The Physio Revolution

How Ann Regained Confidence in Her Body To Hold Up After Years Of Miserable Back & Knee Pain

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Meet Ann.

She had back and knee pain that was stopping her from walking just 20 minutes in the grocery store.

After failed attempts from other providers, she says, "I was scared to step into the ring again because I was worried I'd find someone who did the same things that didn't work previously..."

And more importantly - "I was afraid that someone would say 'No sorry, we can’t help you.'"

When we met Ann, she told us tried lots of other options to try to make her pain go away...

And she didn't get relief or see improvements.

So, naturally she was hesitant to step back in and give it another go.

But one thing she knew deep down was that the options given to her by her doctors (pills, injections, and surgery) didn't feel right to her.

So, she stepped into our ring again... a different ring than she'd ever experienced.

And she's so thankful she did.

The thing Ann said she likes the best about us is how we are different from anything she has ever seen or experienced before. 

You can watch her tell her amazing in the clip above.

Enjoy watching Ann's story. She's the exact reason we exist. To help people who are stuck and unsure what to do about their pain, much like Dr. Brooke was back in the day. 

And Ann is such an inspiration, because she has been dedicated to the process & shows up every time to make big changes... and it's definitely paying off for her!


Brooke Olsen

Brooke Olsen

Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy
Brooke is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at The Physio Revolution. She has worked with professional athletes from Olympic level and recreational weekend warriors to others who are in need of regaining their independence and mobility back in their everyday life. Brooke works extensively with all of the PT’s and spends a vast amount of her time ensuring our treatment plans keep pace with the rapid advancements that make physical therapy so effective and such a ‘go-to’ profession for people aged 45+.
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