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How Lynae Ended Severe, Debilitating Back Pain After Months of Misery

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Meet Lynae! 

She had been in excruciating pain for about 7 months.

Lynae said she was missing out on anything that didn't involve laying down to watch tv because that was the only activity she could do without pain. 

Sitting in a car for longer than 20 minutes was rare for her and there were days that she couldn't even drive herself. 

Lynae came across us on facebook and decided she had nothing to lose by giving just one hour of her time up to watch the free webinar. 

Even after watching the webinar, Lynae still had her doubts about coming to us for help. 

She decided to try another physical therapy clinic but she felt as though the clinic was too busy and the therapists were rushed to treat clients. 

Lynae had also tried plasma injections which made her feel pretty good but had not given her the mobility back.

After a few short months, her back pain had returned worse than ever. She was also prescribed pain pills which she did not like to take. 

Eventually, Lynae decided to come to our free discovery visit and said she enjoyed our positive atmosphere and learning that we aren't like every other physical therapy clinic. 

After all these months, where is she now?

Watch her inspiring story above to find out and get some special advice from her for anyone who is skeptical like she was. 

In this amazing 8 minute video, Lynae & Lauren cover:

  • What exactly Lynae's pain took from her...
  • Why she chose to get help from us after weeks of being skeptical...
  • Plus... special words from Lynae to anyone who is searching for help.

Brooke Olsen

Brooke Olsen

Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy
Brooke is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at The Physio Revolution. She has worked with professional athletes from Olympic level and recreational weekend warriors to others who are in need of regaining their independence and mobility back in their everyday life. Brooke works extensively with all of the PT’s and spends a vast amount of her time ensuring our treatment plans keep pace with the rapid advancements that make physical therapy so effective and such a ‘go-to’ profession for people aged 45+.
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