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Shoveling Snow: How to Avoid Another Back Pain Episode

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Does your back hurt when you shovel your snow?

Hi, I’m Dr. Brooke Olsen, PT, DPT. I’m the co-founder of The Physio Revolution and we're known as the "last chance PT's". 

In this video, you are going to learn how you can make sure your back pain doesn’t get in the way of shoveling your driveway after a heavy snowfall.

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So one thing I hear a lot is that back pain can make it really hard to get work done around the house, especially when it comes to needing to shovel after a heavy snowfall.

The Colorado weather can be unpredictable, but one thing we do know is that snow is inevitable in the colder months like these. This is why we all love living here, right?! 🙂

If your back is weak or unstable, this can cause you to worry about having another flare-up or wake up with back pain the next morning every time you need to shovel, even if you are getting treatment from a physical therapist or chiropractor.

Why is this? 

Well most medical treatments just have the goal of resolving pain. 

So if you go to a PT or Chiropractor, their goal is to end your back pain. 

And often they will do that successfully. 

The only thing is, they don’t typically treat your back to be able to do more stressful activities on your back  - like shoveling heavy, wet snow.

Now if you plan to just buy a snowblower and never do shoveling again, then these treatments will be good enough.

But if you want to be able to stay active, doing the daily household chores, this generic treatment approach will not work.

I see it all the time with my clients. So many of them had back pain, and did some generic things to get it to go away. 

And you know what...they felt fine when they were being careful.

And once they have a few days or weeks without pain, they were told they were better. 

So they went to shovel on the next big snowfall and BOOM!

There it was again either that day or the day after. The same exact stiffness and pain they felt before.

And this is when they realize, the goal isn’t just to end pain. 

The goal wasn’t to just ease the pain, but instead they want to get back to being “normal” again and not having to worry about when the next episode will happen, even while doing simple household chores.

And to do that, they need a much more customized approach, that fixes the real cause of the problem, rather than just masking the pain. 

If you found this video helpful, I have great news for you.

I recently put together a video that has tips & tricks on how to keep your back safe during shoveling during the winter months.

You can watch the video by going to (link in bio)

But if you’ve already seen the video and are ready for our help, go to to speak with my team. 

Brooke Olsen

Brooke Olsen

Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy
Brooke is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at The Physio Revolution. She has worked with professional athletes from Olympic level and recreational weekend warriors to others who are in need of regaining their independence and mobility back in their everyday life. Brooke works extensively with all of the PT’s and spends a vast amount of her time ensuring our treatment plans keep pace with the rapid advancements that make physical therapy so effective and such a ‘go-to’ profession for people aged 45+.
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