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Your Body = Linked Chain

I’m sure I won’t be the first person who tells you “the body is a connected machine.” But, isn’t it amazing how we tend to neglect the fact that sometimes our source of pain may not be the actual spot that CREATED the pain?

For instance, suppose you or someone you know drops a hammer on your head (knock on wood this has not or will not happen to you). You could nearly assure yourself that the egg on your head from the impact of a hammer caused this headache you get to embrace and enjoy for a bit longer than desired…  This makes sense!

On the other hand, if you have a headache that comes on slowly, you may think your blood pressure may be elevated, you could be dehydrated, your neck muscles might be tight, eyes are tired from computer screens, or it might be stress-related. In reality, you don’t even contribute your noggin *the area of perceived pain* to being the devilish root cause of a headache, do you?

So, what if back pain, neck pain, or knee pain aren’t actually the “root cause” of the pain if you had no sudden impact or trauma to the area?

What we fail to do is actually think this way about our WHOLE body.

Inside this video below, you’ll find me talking about an analogy of a LINKED CHAIN that can cause either neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain when not assessed correctly and given the opportunity to be missed time and time again.

Hint: sometimes we need to look around at other areas to see what may be the root cause of it all.  This may be why you continue to have pain over & over & over even when treating the actual painful joint.

Take a look HERE:

You may recall a recent blog I put up about Put an end to “Ferris Wheel Back Pain Treatment”  on how being “stuck” on the ferris wheel isn’t always a pleasant ride after all.

Mostly, if you are stuck in pain and you feel this is an overlooked scenario in your life, this information should help you decide if the pain you’re experiencing could be caused by a (linked chain) joint close to the area of pain.

And if you’re not still not sure about it after watching the video and you’re looking for specialized help from one of our doctorate of physical therapists to figure out where your pain is coming from, then simply schedule your call to talk with one of our team members.

Inside this call you can ask what availability we have on the schedule and what that would look like if we decided to take you on as a client. The good news is we don’t just take on anyone. We only take on people we know we can help 100% the way they hope.

So, a good place to start if you are looking for more specialized help is just start with a call with our team here.

Brooke Olsen

Brooke Olsen

Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy
Brooke is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at The Physio Revolution. She has worked with professional athletes from Olympic level and recreational weekend warriors to others who are in need of regaining their independence and mobility back in their everyday life. Brooke works extensively with all of the PT’s and spends a vast amount of her time ensuring our treatment plans keep pace with the rapid advancements that make physical therapy so effective and such a ‘go-to’ profession for people aged 45+.
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